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2008 Whittle in Context, Queen's Park Gallery and Zemicon Gallery, Barbados.
1985 Recent Paintings, Barbados Arts Council.
1978 One Year Out, Hatton Gallery, University of Newcastle upon Tyne.


2008 Barbadiana: Galerie JM’Arts, Paris and ACP House, Brussels.
2008 CARIFESTA X, Guyana.
2007 VI Salon de Dibujo de Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
2007 The Third Culture Exhibition, Cable Factory Helsinki, Finland and the Rundetaarn, Denmark.
2006 African, Pacific and Caribbean (ACP) Festival, Dominican Republic.
2006 Barbados Expo, London, UK.
2006 CARIFESTA IX, Trinidad and Tobago.
2006 Barbadiana 2006: Galerie JM’Arts, Paris; Tresor, im Ba-Ca kunstforum, Vienna; ACP House, Brussels.
2004 Sosiodesign – Kohtaamisen tilassa, curated by Ilona Silenti, Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland.
2004 Barbadiana 2004: Galerie Lise Cormery, Paris; ACP House, Brussels; Galerie Gora, Montreal; Barbados High Commission, Ottawa.
2003 Sixth Triennale Mondiale, D’Estampes Petit Format, France.
2001 4th Biennial of Caribbean Art, Dominican Republic.
2001 Migration and the Caribbean Diaspora, University of Central Florida Art Gallery.
2001 Cariforum travelling Exhibition, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
2001 Barbados in two dimensions: Contemporary Art from Barbados, Dade County, Miami.
1999 Contemporary Art from Barbados, Paris, France.
1999 Imagers 21 Exhibition of Prints, BIDC Gallery, Barbados High Commission, London, UK.
1998 Sixth International Biennial of Cuenca, Ecuador.
1997 Exhibition of Contemporary Art from Barbados, The Gallery in Cork Street, London, UK.
1996 3rd Biennial of Painting of the Caribbean and Central America, Dominican Republic.
1995 Exhibition of Contemporary Art from Barbados, Raleigh, North Carolina
1992 CARIFESTA, Trinidad and Tobago.
1988 Untitled, Barbados High Commission in Ottawa, Canada.
1981 Exhibition of Contemporary Art from Barbados, Boston.
1981 Group Exhibition accompanying the Barbados Dance Theatre, Albany, New York.
1979 Drawings and Prints, Durham Light Infantry Museum and Arts Centre.
1977 Idea, Calouste Gulbenkian Theatre Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne.
1977 Final Year Show, Hatton Gallery, Department of Fine Art, University of Newcastle upon Tyne.
1976 One Artist One Day, 26 March, Robert Self Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne.


2011 Some-where | No-where: You Can Live in Paradise Forever & 6 Degrees International Cultural Exchange. Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator and Urbanflo Cunsultancy and the Barbados National Cultural Foundation, Queen's Park Gallery.
2011, 1.1.11 ETC, Queen's Park Gallery.
2009 A Conversation Between Home Drums Beat First and De Bottom Bound To Drop Out, A National Art Gallery Committee and National Cultural Foundation Exhibition, Queen's Park Gallery & Zemicon Gallery.
2009 Black Diaspora Visual Art Symposium, The Road to Many: Towards a Genealogy of Barbadian Art, Queen's Park Gallery and Zemicon Gallery.
2008 Barbados Arts Marathon Exhibition, Lancaster House.
2008 4th Annual Carmichael Prize Exhibition, Zemicon Gallery.
2008 Barbadiana 2008, Queen's Park Gallery.
2008 Inside the Box, Queen's Park Gallery.
2007 Art for Export: An exhibition of works, which have represented Barbados Abroad, Zemicon Gallery and Bagnalls, Point Gallery. A National Art Gallery Committee response to the exhibition “Infinite Islands” at the Brooklyn Museum in New York.
2007 Journey: Emancipation of the Spirit. A National Art Gallery Committee Exhibition in Commemoration of the Bicentenary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade, Queen’s Park Gallery, Zemicon Gallery and the Errol Barrow Centre for the Creative Imagination, University of the West Indies.
2006 2nd Annual Carmichael Prize Exhibition, Zemicon Gallery.
2006 National Art Gallery Committee Acquisitions 2001–2006, Queen’s Park Gallery, Zemicon Gallery and Bagnall’s Point Gallery.
2002 The Empire Strikes Back, Queen’s Park Gallery.
2002 Cuatro: Barbados’ National Submission, 4th Biennial of Caribbean Art, Dominican Republic, Queen’s Park Gallery.
2002 Collage and Coincidence: Nick Whittle & Alison Chapman-Andrews, Queen’s Park Gallery.
2000 Imagers 21 Exhibition of Prints, Queen's Park Gallery.
2000 Independence: Perceptions & Attitudes, Barbados Gallery of Art.
1999 Mapping an identity: Barbadian Art in the 1990s. The Art Foundry West.
1998 CARIVISTA National Open Exhibition, Queen's Park Gallery.
1998 CARIVISTA National Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Barbados Gallery of Art.
1998 CARIVISTA Caribbean Art in Miniature: Do you have anything to declare? The Art Foundry West.
1998 Art in Barbados: What Kind of Mirror Image? Barbados Museum and Historical Society.
1998 Five O'clock in the Afternoon, Imagers 21, The Art Foundry and the Central Library, Bridgetown.
1998 Barbados Central Bank Crop Over Fine Art Exhibition, Grande Salle, Central Bank of Barbados.
1997 Metamorphosis: A Change of Heart, Roberta Stoddart, Nick Whittle and Joscelyn Gardner, The Art Foundry.
1997 Gold For The Nation, Barbados Gallery of Art.
1993 Past Tutors Exhibition, Barbados Community College Morningside Gallery.
1988 A Spirit Undaunted: Trinidadian and Barbadian artists, Grande Salle, Central Bank of Barbados.
1987 Print Group Exhibition, Queen's Park Gallery.
1986 Miniatures, Queen's Park Gallery.
1986 Barbados Arts Council Awards Exhibition.
1985 On Black, Barbados Arts Council.
1984 Art 84, Queen's Park Gallery.
1981 CARIFESTA, Barbados Community College.
1981 Group Exhibition, Dayrells Plantation Gallery.


CARIFESTA – Caribbean Festival of the Arts.
CARIVISTA – Caribbean Visual Arts Festival.