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Brixton Blues Bus Kiss


For Taava

Full Moon

Life Jacket


My Land

The Annunciation

Under the Sun

Watching Fireflies


You were my first love
apart from Linda’s heart
shaped letters.

And now
after decades of silence
we live in cyberspace
exchanging email
almost everyday
no longer tip-toeing
lovers melting snow
but simply writing
about our lives
- children and work
occasionally the past
avoiding our spouses.

I kept the photograph
you took of me
standing on the quayside
under Tyne’s Bridge
and across the river
the Baltic, abandoned
icon of industry
but the Swing Bridge
still swings for large ships
and for me
to stand alone and smoke.

And as l write
memories return
every move
we made
night after night
without waking another
and in the morning
drinking scotch
with your father.

I kept your letters
and hand-made cards
faded photographs
of a painting
you promised me
and sunny pictures
of each other
and care-free.

And now
l have written
and discovered
so much more.